Transforming Rajasthan’s Bikaner Railway Station Under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme!

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme In Rajasthan

Bikaner Railway Station Under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme: Indian Railways’ ambitious mission to modernize railway infrastructure is set to transform numerous stations across the country, with 82 stations in Rajasthan identified for redevelopment under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. Among these, the Bikaner railway station stands out for its commitment to preserving its historical significance while embracing modern amenities.

Bikaner Railway Station Under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme: Foundation Stone and Oversight

On July 8, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the redevelopment of Bikaner railway station, a pivotal moment in the station’s journey toward renewal. Falling under the jurisdiction of the North Western Railway (NWR) zone, the station’s redevelopment project is closely monitored to ensure timely completion and adherence to quality standards.

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Bikaner Railway Station Redevelopment: Cost and Timeline

The ambitious redevelopment project for Bikaner railway station comes with a price tag of Rs 471.32 crore. The zonal railways have set an aggressive timeline of 36 months to complete the transformation. Spanning an area of 45728 Sqm (G+9) for the building, along with a sprawling circulating area and parking space of 46948 Sqm, the project also includes 24219 Sqm of commercial space earmarked for development.

Features of Redeveloped Bikaner Railway Station

Bikaner Railway Station Under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme: Upon completion, the reimagined Bikaner railway station will offer a host of world-class amenities designed to enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Key features of the redevelopment include:

  1. New Buildings: The station will boast modern structures with G+9 levels, providing distinct entry and exit points for passengers, enhancing traffic flow and convenience.
  2. Enhanced Amenities: The project entails the construction of a spacious lobby, foot over bridges (FOBs), vibrant food courts, inviting cafeterias, and upgraded restroom facilities, catering to the diverse needs of travelers.
  3. Passenger Comfort: Paid lounges, state-of-the-art lifts, convenient escalators, and well-appointed retiring rooms and dormitories with 35 beds will elevate the comfort quotient for passengers.
  4. Circulating Area: A meticulously designed circulating area with optimized traffic flow patterns and multi-level parking facilities will enhance accessibility and convenience for commuters.
  5. Air Concourse: The expansive air concourse, spanning 98m*36m, will serve as a bustling hub offering departure facilities, retail options, and comfortable seating arrangements for travelers.
  6. Commercial Space: The station will feature designated commercial areas with provisions for future expansions, fostering business opportunities and enhancing the station’s revenue streams.
  7. Infrastructure Upgrades: Platforms will undergo extensive renovations, flooring and ceiling enhancements will add to the station’s aesthetic appeal, and the installation of electrical car charging points will support sustainable transportation initiatives.
  8. Sustainability Measures: The redevelopment project integrates sustainability measures such as green building certification, provisions for Divyangjan facilities, solar energy utilization, rainwater harvesting, solid waste management, fire-fighting arrangements, and energy management systems, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.



The redevelopment of Bikaner railway station represents a significant stride in Indian Railways’ journey toward modernization and heritage preservation. By seamlessly blending historical architecture with contemporary amenities, the project not only aims to redefine the travel experience but also honors the station’s rich cultural legacy. As the transformation unfolds, Bikaner railway station is poised to emerge as a symbol of excellence and progress in railway infrastructure development, setting new benchmarks for future projects across the nation.


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