Attention Passengers! Experimental Stoppage Of Trains At Arniroad Srirangam Ambur Sattur Karaikudi And Nileshwar! Read Complete Details Here..

Experimental Stoppage Of Trains In Southern Railway

Experimental Stoppage Of Trains: We are pleased to inform passengers about the experimental stoppage of trains at the following stations until further notice: Arniroad, Srirangam, Ambur, Sattur, Walajah Road, Kallakudi Palanganatham, Sholinghur, Tiruvannamalai, Aralvaymozhi, Cuddalore Port, Koradachery, Pugalur, Kodaikanal Road, Nanguneri, Ettumanur, Kovilpatti, Karaikudi, and Nileshwar.

These additional stoppages aim to enhance connectivity and accessibility for passengers. The details of train numbers and the commencement dates of these stoppages are provided in the table below. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this experimental phase.”

Details Of Experimental Stoppage Of Trains

No.Train No & NameStoppage Provided at StationStoppage Provided From
1.Train No. 11005 Dadar–Puducherry ExpressArniRoad19.09.2023
2.Train N0. 11006 Puducherry–Dadar ExpressArniRoad17.09.2023
3.Train No. 12291 Yesvantpur–Dr MGR Chennai Central ExpressWalajahRoad16.09.2023
4.Train No. 12992 Dr MGR Chennai Central-Yesvantpur ExpressWalajahRoad17.09.2023
5.Train No. 12635 Chennai Egmore- Madurai Vaigai ExpressSrirangam16.09.2023
6.Train No. 12636 Madurai-Chennai EgmoreVaigaiExpressSrirangam16.09.2023
7.Train No. 12653 Chennai Egmore-Tiruchchirappalli Rockfort ExpressKallakudiPalanganatham17.09.2023
8.Train No. 12654 Tiruchchirappalli-Chennai EgmoreRockfortExpressKallakudiPalanganatham16.09.2023
9.Train No. 12691 Dr MGR Chennai Central– Sai P Nilayam Weekly ExpressSholinghur16.09.2023
10.Train No. 12692 Sai P Nilayam-Dr MGR Chennai Central Weekly ExpressSholinghur17.09.2023
11.Train No. 12867 Howrah-Puducherry Weekly ExpressTiruvannamalai19.09.2023
12.Train No. 12868 Puducherry-Howrah Weekly ExpressTiruvannamalai20.09.2023
13.Train No. 16115 Chennai Egmore-Puducherry ExpressMailam16.09.2023
14.Train No. 16116 Puducherry-Chennai Egmore ExpressMailam16.09.2023
15.Train No. 16127 Chennai Egmore-GuvExpressAralvaymozhi16.09.2023
16.Train No. 16128 Guruvayur-Chennai Egmore ExpressAralvaymozhi17.09.2023
17.Train No. 16175 Chennai Egmore-Karaikal ExpressCuddalorePort17.09.2023
18.Train No. 16176 Karaikal-Chennai Egmore ExpressCuddalorePort17.09.2023
19.Train No. 16179 Chennai Egmore-Mannargudi ExpressKoradachery17.09.2023
20.Train No. 16180 Mannargudi-Chennai Egmore ExpressKoradachery16.09.2023
21.Train No. 16219 Chamarajanagar-Tirupati ExpressAmbur17.09.2023
22.Train No. 16220 Tirupati-Chamarajanagar ExpressAmbur17.09.2023
23.Train No. 16231 Mayiladuthurai-Mysuru ExpressPugalur16.09.2023
24.Train No. 16232 Mysuru- Mayiladuthurai ExpressPugalur17.09.2023
25.Train No. 16339 Mumbai CST–Nagercoil ExpressKodaikanalRoad16.09.2023
26.Train No. 16340 Nagercoil–Mumbai CST ExpressKodaikanalRoad15.09.2023
27.Train No. 16351 Mumbai Cst–Nagercoil ExpressNanguneri17.09.2023
28.Train No. 16352 Nagercoil–Mumbai Cst ExpressNanguneri14.09.2023
29.Train No. 16791 Tirunelveli-Palakkad ExpressEttumanur21.09.2023
30.Train No. 16792 Palakkad-TirunelveliExpressEttumanur20.09.2023
31.Train No. 16729 Madurai-Punalur ExpressKovilpatti21.09.2023
32.Train No. 16730 Punalur-Madurai ExpressKovilpatti21.09.2023
33.Train No. 16729 Madurai-Punalur ExpressSatur21.09.2023
34.Train No. 16730 Punalur-Madurai ExpressSatur21.09.2023
35.Train No. 16779 Tirupati-Rameswaram ExpressArniRoad25.09.2023
36.Train No. 16780 Rameswaram-Tirupati ExpressArniRoad25.09.2023
37.Train No. 16849 Tiruchchirappalli-Rameswaram ExpressKeeranur20.09.2023
38.Train No. 16850 Rameswaram-Tiruchchirappalli ExpressKeeranur20.09.2023
39.Train No. 16865 Chennai Egmore- Tanjavur Uzhavan ExpressCuddalore Port21.09.2023
40.Train No. 16866 Tanjavur – Chennai Egmore Uzhavan ExpressCuddalore Port21.09.2023
41.Train No. 17407 Tirupati – Mannargudi ExpressPolur, Tirukkovilur26.09.2023
42.Train No. 17408 Mannargudi – Tirupati ExpressPolur, Tirukkovilur25.09.2023
43.Train No. 20691 Tambaram – Nagercoil Antyodaya ExpressSattur21.09.2023
44.Train No. 20692 Nagercoil – Tambaram Antyodaya ExpressSattur20.09.2023
45.Train No. 20498 Firozpur Cant – Rameswaram Humsafar ExpressPudukottai, Ramanathapuram25.09.2023
46.Train No. 20497 Rameswaram – Firozpur Cantt Humsafar ExpressPudukottai, Ramanathapuram26.09.2023
47.Train No. 22605 Purulia – Villupuram Bi-Weekly ExpressTirukkovilur26.09.2023
48.Train No. 22606 Villupuram – Purulia B-Weekly ExpressTirukkovilur27.09.2023
49.Train No. 22613 Rameswaram – Ayodhya Cant Shraddha Sethu ExpressKaraikudi, Ramanathapuram25.09.2023
50.Train No. 22614 Ayodhya Cant – Rameswaram Shraddha Sethu ExpressKaraikudi22.09.2023
51.Train No. 22614 Ayodhya Cant – Rameswaram Shraddha Sethu ExpressKaraikudi23.09.2023
52.Train No. 22609 Mangaluru Central – Coimbatore  Intercity ExpressNileshwar01.10.2023
53.Train No. 22610 Coimbatore – Mangaluru Central Intercity ExpressNileshwar01.10.2023

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