Kharkopar Uran Local Train Services: Expansion of Suburban Rail Services up to Uran to Commence From January 13!

Kharkopar Uran Local Train Services

Kharkopar Uran Local Train Services: Regular suburban services up to Uran are set to begin from Saturday, marking a significant milestone for the Belapur-Seawood-Uran Railway Project in Maharashtra.

Pic Courtesy: X Handle of Central Railway

PM Modi to Inaugurate Kharkopar Uran Line

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the extension of suburban services from Kharkopar to Uran. The inaugural run flagged off by PM via video link.

Belapur – Seawood – Uran Line: Crucial Railway Project in Maharashtra

The Belapur-Seawood-Uran Railway Project, despite being one of the most delayed railway projects in Maharashtra, plays a crucial role in improving accessibility in the central part of Navi Mumbai. The 27 km Belapur/Nerul-Uran stretch, undertaken at a cost of Rs. 1433 Crore, is a collaborative effort with CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation).

Addressing Delay Challenges

Despite facing delays since its approval in March 1996, the project aims to meet the demands of passenger traffic from various sectors, including Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Port-based industries, ONGC, Defence establishments at Uran, Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ), and residential and industrial complexes.

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Belapur CBD to Kharkopar Local: First Phase Completion and Suburban Services to Uran

The completion of the first phase, a 12.4 km double line to Kharkopar commissioned on 11 November 2018, has paved the way for extending suburban train services to Uran. This extension is anticipated to commence on Saturday, providing significant benefits to commuters and boosting tourism in the region. It will also enhance connectivity to Alibaug as a holiday destination and facilitate transportation to the JNPT port, as stated by an official.

Environmental Sustainability in Focus

With a focus on environmental sustainability, the electrified section promises cleaner and greener transportation options for residents of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The phased completion of this long-awaited project signifies a crucial moment in the enhancement of railway infrastructure in Maharashtra.


Digha Gaon Railway Station: Other Beneficial Projects

Apart from the second phase of the Uran line, other projects to be dedicated include the new ‘Digha Gaon’ suburban station on the Thane-Vashi/Panvel Trans-Harbour line and the 6th Line between Khar Road & Goregaon railway station. These projects are expected to benefit thousands of daily commuters in Mumbai.

Uran Kharkopar Line Local Train Stations

There are total five local stations on Uran Kharkopar line. Kharkopar, Shemtikhar, Nava Sheva, Dronagiri, Uran.

Uran Kharkopar Line Total Number of Services

Nerul – Kharkopar – Uran – Nerul Line: 20 Services (10 Up/ 10 Dn)

Belapur CBD – Kharkopar – Uran – Belapur CBD Line : 20 Services (10 Up/ 10 Dn)

Pic Courtesy: X Handle of Central Railway

Uran Kharkopar Line Frequency of Trains

Uran to Belapur / Nerul : 30 Minutes during peak hours, 60 Minutes during non-peak hours

Belapur to Uran: 60 Minutes during peak hours, 120 Minutes during non-peak hours

Nerul to Uran: 60 Minutes during peak hours, 120 Minutes during non-peak hours

Trains during Morning peak hours: Total 6 services

Trains during Evening peak hours: Total 4 services

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