New Railway Station Between Thane And Mulund: Will Be Operational From 2024? Progress and Update!

New Railway Station Between Thane And Mulund

New Railway Station Between Thane And Mulund: In a pivotal move to bolster the region’s transportation infrastructure, MP Rajan Vichare spearheaded an inspection of the forthcoming railway station nestled between Thane and Mulund. The inspection, attended by officials from Central Railway, Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), and various stakeholders, underscores concerted efforts to address escalating commuter demands in the area.

New Thane-Mulund Station: Genesis and Progress

The genesis of this transformative endeavor dates back to the Integrated Mobility Plan crafted in 2008 during MP Rajan Vichare’s tenure as Mayor. Recognizing the pressing need for a new railway station to accommodate surging passenger influx, the proposal gained momentum in the Lok Sabha in 2015 and secured approval, heralding the pathway to its realization.

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Despite encountering bureaucratic hurdles and legal intricacies, the project witnessed significant progress. Notably, overcoming pending litigation and regulatory approvals, a breakthrough ensued when the High Court lifted the stay on development, paving the way for advancement.

Key Features of New Railway Station

Spanning across 14.83 acres, the proposed railway station aims to alleviate congestion at Thane station, a bustling transit hub witnessing daily footfall between 7 to 8 lakh passengers. The station’s modern infrastructure includes a G+2 storied building and a dedicated home platform among its three platforms, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Integral to the station’s design are pedestrian bridges, parking facilities, and expansive operational zones, reflecting Thane Municipal Corporation’s commitment to enhancing urban mobility under the Smart City initiative.

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Upon completion, the station will cater to diverse commuter routes, linking Mumbai with destinations like Karjat and Kalyan. By redistributing passenger traffic, it is poised to alleviate congestion by up to 31 percent at Thane station and 21 percent at Mulund station, offering relief to weary travelers navigating the suburban network.

Key Features of the New Railway Station Between Thane And Mulund

  • The proposed station will be built on 14.83 acres of land, with 3.77 acres dedicated to railway tracks and a G+2 storied building.
  • The station will feature a home platform out of the total three platforms.
  • Three pedestrian bridges will enhance accessibility.
  • Operational areas are developed under Thane Municipal Corporation’s Smart City scheme.
  • A 150-meter-long and 34-meter-wide SATIS will front the station building.
  • Parking facilities for four-wheelers and two-wheelers will be available on a 2.5-acre site.
  • Three tracks will connect the station:
    1. Up-down route from the rear of Navin Dnyansadhana College, connecting to the highway.
    2. Up-down route along the old Jnan Sadhana College route.
    3. Up-down route exiting through Mulund naka.
  • Trains bound for Mumbai will depart from the home platform, while trains heading towards Karjat and Kalyan will utilize platforms two and three, respectively.

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Anticipated Completion and Impact

With construction in progress, the new railway station symbolizes collaborative endeavors aimed at fortifying the region’s transit backbone. Anticipated to be completed by December 2025, residents eagerly await the dawn of a new era in seamless connectivity and enhanced mobility.



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