PMRDA Contracts Tata Group for Pune Metro Line 3 Project Construction: A Landmark Development!

Introduction to Pune Metro Line 3 Project

The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has embarked on a transformative journey with the initiation of the Pune Metro Line 3 project. This ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize Pune’s mass transit system, addressing the city’s growing transportation needs and enhancing connectivity across key areas.

Public-Private Partnership with Tata Group

Under the innovative Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, PMRDA has entrusted the Tata Group with the construction of Pune Metro Line 3 Project. The Tata Group, operating through TRIL Urban Transport Private Limited, assumes the role of concessionaire, responsible for designing, financing, constructing, and managing the metro line. Notably, PMRDA has offered 9.7 hectares of land for commercial development to the Tata Group under the PPP framework, underscoring the collaborative nature of this endeavor.

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Long-Term Concession and Benefits

As part of the agreement, Tata Group will enjoy rights and benefits from PMRDA for a duration of 35 years, with the potential for extension subject to government approval. This long-term concession reflects PMRDA’s commitment to fostering sustainable partnerships and promoting private sector involvement in critical infrastructure projects.

Double-Decker Flyover: Key Infrastructure Component

Integral to the construction of Pune Metro Line 3 is the development of the first double-decker flyover in Pune. This groundbreaking infrastructure project, scheduled for completion by August 15, 2024, promises to enhance connectivity between Hinjawadi and Shivaji Nagar, two bustling hubs in Pune. With an estimated cost of Rs 265 crore, the flyover features a unique two-story design, integrating metro rail lines above and road ramps below, thereby optimizing space and improving traffic flow.

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Alleviating Commuter Challenges

The double-decker flyover addresses the longstanding challenges faced by commuters navigating the Pune University Road corridor. Spanning 1.7 kilometers with a width of 23 meters, this elevated structure promises to mitigate traffic congestion, reduce travel times, and provide much-needed relief to thousands of daily commuters. Rahul Mahiwal, Commissioner of PMRDA, has underscored the importance of enhancing transportation infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of Pune’s residents and workforce.

Pune Metro Line 3: A Comprehensive Overview

Pune Metro Line 3 represents a vital component of Pune’s mass transit network, offering a modern and efficient mode of transportation across the city. Stretching over 23.3 kilometers, the elevated metro line comprises 23 strategically located stations, strategically connecting key areas within Pune. With its elevated design, Line 3 minimizes disruptions to existing urban infrastructure while providing commuters with a seamless travel experience.


Pune Metro Line 3 Stations

Pune Metro Line 3 consists of 23 strategically located stations, the names are: Megapolis Circle Station, Embassy Quadron Business Park Station, Dohler Station, Infosys Phase II Station, Pall India Station, Shivaji Chowk Station, Hinjewadi Station, Wakad Chowk Station, Balewadi Stadium Station, NICMAR Station, Ram Nagar Station, Laxmi Nagar Station, Balewadi Phata Station, Baner Gaon Station, Baner Station, Krushi Anusadhan Station, Sakal Nagar Station, University Station, R.B.I. Station, Agriculture College Station, Shivaji Nagar Station, Civil Court Station

Alignment with MahaMetro and Phase-wise Development

An essential feature of Pune Metro Line 3 Project is its alignment with existing MahaMetro lines, particularly at the Civil Court interchange station. This alignment underscores Pune’s commitment to creating an integrated mass transit network, facilitating convenient transfers between different metro lines and reducing travel times for passengers.


Economic and Social Impacts

The construction and operation of Pune Metro Line 3 are expected to yield significant economic and social benefits for Pune and its residents. By providing a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, the metro line will enhance accessibility to employment centers, educational institutions, and recreational areas, fostering economic growth and improving quality of life for residents. Additionally, the development of infrastructure projects such as the double-decker flyover creates employment opportunities and stimulates local economies, contributing to Pune’s overall prosperity.

Pune Metro Line 3 Completion Date

As per recent media reports, Pune Metro Line 3 is expected to be completed by March 2025.

Pune Metro Line 3 Route Map

Pune Metro Line 3 (Pic Courtesy: The Metro Rail Guy)

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Sustainable Urban Development

The implementation of Pune Metro Line 3 aligns with the city’s goals of promoting sustainable urban development and reducing carbon emissions. By encouraging the use of public transportation and reducing dependence on private vehicles, the metro line supports Pune’s efforts to mitigate air pollution and alleviate traffic congestion. Furthermore, the integration of eco-friendly design features and energy-efficient technologies in metro infrastructure enhances environmental sustainability, positioning Pune as a leader in green urban transportation.

Conclusion: Driving Pune’s Future

As Pune Metro Line 3 progresses through its phases of development, it promises to redefine urban mobility and catalyze economic growth across the region. By leveraging innovative partnerships and embracing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions, PMRDA and its collaborators are laying the groundwork for a sustainable and prosperous future for Pune and its residents. The Pune Metro Line 3 project stands as a testament to the city’s vision for inclusive development and excellence in urban transportation. As construction advances and operations commence, Pune Metro Line 3 will emerge as a symbol of progress, connectivity, and resilience, empowering Pune to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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