Unveiling India’s First Underground Railway Station: Teesta Bazar Station on Sivoke Rangpo Rail Line!!

Teesta Bazar Station on Sivoke Rangpo Rail Line

Teesta Bazar Station on Sivoke Rangpo Rail Line: The construction of India’s first underground railway station, Teesta Bazar, is not just a feat of engineering but a transformative endeavor that promises to revolutionize connectivity in the Himalayan region. As part of the ambitious Sivok-Rangpo rail project, this pioneering initiative by the Indian Railways is poised to reshape transportation infrastructure and unlock new avenues of development in West Bengal and Sikkim.

The Sivok-Rangpo rail project stands as a testament to human ingenuity, threading through the challenging Himalayan geography with 22 bridges and 14 tunnels. Stretching across 44.96 kilometers, this railway line represents one of the most ambitious infrastructure ventures in the country.

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Project Director Mohinder Singh sheds light on the project’s intricacies, with 86% of its length comprising tunnels, ranging from the longest at 5.30 kilometers to the shortest at 538 meters. Despite the formidable terrain, the project has made significant strides, with track work scheduled to commence in the coming months.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inauguration of over 2,000 railway infrastructure projects, including the Sivok-Rangpo rail line, underscores the government’s commitment to modernizing transportation networks and fostering regional connectivity.

Sivoke Rangpo Railway Project Map

Teesta Bazar Railway Station: A Landmark in Underground Railways

Teesta Bazar Station on Sivoke Rangpo Rail Line: Nestled within tunnel number seven, Teesta Bazar station emerges as a symbol of progress and innovation in Indian Railways’ history. With a platform length of 620 meters and a tunnel spanning 650 meters, the station is engineered to accommodate full-length trains, facilitating seamless travel between Darjeeling and Gangtok.

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Project Director Mohinder Singh emphasizes the strategic importance of Teesta Bazar station, serving as a vital link between Darjeeling and Gangtok. The station’s location underscores its role in enhancing accessibility and mobility for commuters, laying the groundwork for economic growth and development in the region.

Sikkim’s Railway Connection: Rangpo Station

The inauguration of Sikkim’s first railway station, Rangpo, marks a watershed moment in the state’s transportation infrastructure. As a standalone Indian state devoid of a railway station, Sikkim has long relied on road connectivity and limited air travel. The introduction of the Sivok-Rangpo rail line heralds a new era of connectivity and progress for the region.

The project’s inception in October 2009, marked by the laying of the foundation stone in Sivok and Rangpo by dignitaries from the Ministry of Railways and the Vice President of India, underscores the collaborative effort behind this monumental undertaking. The proposed railway line, featuring five stations including Teesta Bazar, promises to redefine mobility and accessibility in the region.


Innovative Construction Techniques and Quality Assurance

The Sivok-Rangpo rail line employs cutting-edge construction techniques, including the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM), under the oversight of international consultants. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures the project meets stringent safety and quality standards, setting a benchmark for future infrastructure endeavors in the country.

As India embarks on this transformative journey towards enhanced connectivity and accessibility, the Sivoke-Rangpo rail line emerges as a beacon of progress and development in the Himalayan region. With the inauguration of Teesta Bazar station and the completion of Sikkim’s first railway connection, the region is poised for unprecedented growth and prosperity, reaffirming India’s commitment to building a robust and inclusive transportation network for its citizens.

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