Railways Greenlights Rs 497 Crore Elevated Road Development Project at Surat Railway Station!


Elevated Road Development Project at Surat Railway Station: In a significant move to enhance transportation infrastructure, the Ministry of Railways has given the nod for an impressive Elevated Road Development Work at Surat Railway Station. Paving the way for a comprehensive Multi-Modal Transportation Hub (MMTH), this project, costing Rs 496.98 crore, is poised to revolutionize connectivity and efficiency for both commuters and the city of Surat.

Elevated Road Development Project at Surat Railway Station

A Game-Changer for Surat Railway Station: The standout feature of this elevated road is its substantial length of 5479 meters, making it a pivotal component of the ambitious MMTH project. The Ministry of Railways is set to contribute 63% of the total cost, amounting to Rs 313.03 crore, with the state government covering the remaining 37%. The elevated road is strategically designed to optimize passenger time and fuel efficiency, providing direct access to Varachha Road, Lambe Hanuman Road, and Ring Road from the railway station.

Benefits of the Elevated Road

The construction of this elevated road is anticipated to bring about a multitude of benefits for the people of Surat. First and foremost, it will facilitate direct access to the newly constructed commercial hub, fostering economic activities and ease of connectivity. Moreover, passengers will experience enhanced convenience in reaching the platform, streamlining their travel experience.

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Improved City Connectivity in Surat

One of the key advantages of the elevated road is its role in simplifying movement within the east and west sections of Surat. With direct connections to important city roads, such as Varachha Road and Ring Road, this corridor is set to become a vital artery for Surat’s transportation network. The elevated road’s significance is further underscored by the ongoing Surat Metro Tunnel work, which limits the possibility of adding extra lanes to Lambe Hanuman Road.

Elevated Road Development Project at Surat Railway Station: Project Features

The elevated road project boasts two road overbridges, measuring 90 meters and 40 meters, respectively. These structures contribute to the overall functionality of the elevated corridor, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient traffic management. Additionally, the Multi-Modal Transportation Hub (MMTH) will house a multi-level car parking facility and other amenities, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.

Investment and Collaboration

The Ministry of Railways’ substantial investment in the project exemplifies the government’s commitment to modernizing transportation infrastructure in Surat. With the collaboration of the state government, this project aligns with the broader goal of creating a sustainable and integrated transportation system for the city.


The approval of the Rs 497 crore Elevated Road Development Work at Surat Railway Station marks a transformative moment for the city’s transportation landscape. This forward-thinking project not only addresses the immediate need for improved connectivity but also sets the stage for Surat to emerge as a model city with modernized transportation infrastructure. As construction progresses, the elevated road is poised to become a symbol of progress and efficiency, benefitting both commuters and the city’s overall development.

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  1. Excellent news for Surat! The railway station elevated road development project is definitely going to improve connectivity and reduce congestion in the area. As a resident of Surat, I feel this project will have a positive impact on the city’s overall development. Kudos to Indian Railways for taking this initiative!


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