Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project Reaches Milestone: 100% Land Acquisition Completed!

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Latest News

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: In a monumental achievement, the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has declared the successful completion of 100% land acquisition for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Rail Corridor, popularly known as the bullet train project. Covering the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli, this significant update comes as a testament to the relentless efforts invested in India’s ambitious mega project. Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared this latest milestone, emphasizing that the entire 1389.49 hectares required for the project have now been acquired.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: 100 Per Cent Land Acquisition

The latest update on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project brings positive news, with Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announcing the successful acquisition of the entire 1389.49 hectares needed for the project. This marks a crucial step towards realizing India’s dream of having a high-speed rail corridor connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

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Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project Highlights

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is not only about land acquisition but is a saga of numerous milestones and groundbreaking features. The use of Japan’s Shinkansen technology is set to revolutionize rail travel in India. Let’s explore some of the noteworthy features that make this project one of a kind.

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High Speed Rail Corridor: Girder Launching and Pier Casting

All civil contracts for the project in Gujarat and Maharashtra have been awarded, with 120.4 km of girders successfully launched and 271 km of pier casting completed. These feats showcase the project’s progress and the dedication invested in its execution.

First Mountain Tunnel

A significant milestone was reached with the completion of the first mountain tunnel near Zaroli village in Gujarat’s Valsad district. This 350-meter-long and 12.6-meter-diameter tunnel was completed within a remarkable 10 months, highlighting the efficiency and expertise involved in the project.

First Steel Bridge

Another notable achievement is the erection of the first steel bridge, spanning 70 meters and weighing 673 MT, across NH 53 in Surat. This is just the beginning, with 16 out of 28 similar bridges in various stages of fabrication, contributing to the overall connectivity of the corridor.

India’s First 7 km Undersea Rail Tunnel

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project includes India’s first 7 km undersea rail tunnel, forming part of the 21 km-long tunnel between Bandra Kurla Complex and Shilphata in Maharashtra. Excavation work for the Mumbai HSR station has also commenced, showcasing the project’s comprehensive nature.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Stations

Various high-speed rail stations in Gujarat, including Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Anand, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Sabarmati, are in different stages of construction. Noise barriers along the viaduct are being erected to mitigate noise during operations, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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Bullet Train Project Completion Timeline and Financing

Financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with a soft loan of Rs 88,000 crore from Japan, the Rs 1.10 lakh crore Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train project faced challenges related to land acquisition delays. However, the government is determined to kick off the first phase, connecting Surat and Bilimora in south Gujarat, by 2026.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project Overview

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: The 508 km-long corridor originates from BKC in Maharashtra, going underground for 21 km, including a 7 km stretch below the sea, till Shilphata. It then takes an elevated path to reach its terminus station in Sabarmati, Gujarat. With 348 km in Gujarat, 156 km in Maharashtra, and 4 km in the Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, nearly 92% of the bullet train corridor will be elevated, and 6% will pass through tunnels.

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Bullet Train Project Latest Update

NHSRCL has awarded all civil contracts for Gujarat and Maharashtra. In Gujarat, girders and pier casting have seen significant progress, while bridges over six rivers have been completed. Work is ongoing on other rivers, including Narmada, Tapti, Mahi, and Sabarmati.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, the commencement of work on India’s first 7 km undersea rail tunnel and the excavation for the Mumbai HSR station at BKC mark crucial phases of the project. These developments reaffirm the commitment to completing this ambitious venture.


The completion of 100% land acquisition for the Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train project is a pivotal moment in India’s pursuit of high-speed rail travel. The numerous milestones achieved and ongoing construction works demonstrate the dedication and progress made toward realizing this transformative project. As the bullet train corridor takes shape, it heralds a new era in Indian rail infrastructure, promising faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly travel between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

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