Advancements in Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: Thane Rolling Stock Depot Contract Awarded by NHSRCL!

NHSRCL Announces Contract Award for Thane Depot Construction: A Significant Milestone

Thane Rolling Stock Depot Contract: The National High-Speed Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL), overseeing the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, recently declared the award of the design and construction contract for the Thane rolling stock depot. The joint venture company Dineshchandra-DMRC received the official letter of acceptance for this crucial component of the high-speed rail initiative.

Thane Rolling Stock Depot Contract Awarded by NHSRCL

The awarded contract encompasses a comprehensive scope of work, including civil works, inspection sheds, maintenance depot construction, and the installation, testing, and commissioning of maintenance facilities. The Thane depot, covering an expansive area of approximately 55 hectares, is strategically designed for light maintenance of train sets, contributing to the efficient upkeep of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Corridor.

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Strategic Placement of Rolling Stock Depots: Ensuring Efficiency and Maintenance

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Corridor project includes the establishment of three rolling stock depots, strategically located in Sabarmati and Surat in Gujarat, and Thane in Maharashtra. Drawing inspiration from the Shinkansen depots in Japan, these facilities aim to facilitate both light and heavy maintenance, ensuring the longevity and operational efficiency of the high-speed train sets.

Thane Rolling Stock Depot Features and Expansion Plans: Enhancing Operational Capacity

Thane Rolling Stock Depot Contract: The Thane depot, initially equipped with four inspection lines and ten stabling lines, is designed to expand to eight and 31 lines, respectively, in the future. The facilities at the depot will play a crucial role in the upkeep and maintenance of the train sets, contributing to the overall success of the ambitious bullet train project.

Representational Image of Sendai Depot, Japan. Pic Courtesy: NHSRCL

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Progress in Other Rolling Stock Depots: Sabarmati and Surat Rolling Stock Depots

The Sabarmati rolling stock depot, the largest among the three, covers approximately 83 hectares and is equipped for both light and heavy maintenance. With facilities including inspection bays, a washing plant, workshops, sheds, and stabling lines, the Sabarmati depot is a vital component of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Corridor. The construction, entrusted to the M/s Sojiz-L&T consortium, commenced on January 5, 2023.

Similarly, the Surat depot, spanning around 40 hectares, will initially receive train sets from Japan and provide basic facilities for commissioning. Progress reports indicate that the works at the Surat Depot, awarded to M/s L&T, are advancing well, with steel sheds erected, finishing works in execution, and track laying set to commence soon.


Bullet Train Green Depots: Innovative Design Features

The rolling stock depots have been meticulously designed with a focus on optimum land utilization, efficient workflow, and a safe working environment. The layouts ensure future expansion capabilities, while the inclusion of solar panel-ready sheds/buildings aligns with eco-friendly practices. Noise control, dust suppression, ventilation, and natural lighting considerations further contribute to creating healthy and sustainable working environments.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project continues to make strides with the award of the Thane Depot contract, setting the stage for enhanced operational efficiency and maintenance capabilities in the region. The strategic placement and innovative design features of the rolling stock depots are poised to play a pivotal role in the success of this transformative high-speed rail corridor.

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