Airoli Kalwa Elevated Train Corridor: Enhancing Connectivity and Decongesting Thane Station!


The Airoli Kalwa elevated train corridor is set to redefine commuter connectivity and alleviate congestion in the bustling Thane station area. This article delves into the intricacies of the project, its design, benefits, and current status.

Airoli Kalwa Elevated Train Corridor: Design and Connectivity

The design of the Airoli Kalwa elevated train corridor mirrors the successful setup at Wadala, ensuring seamless operation between trains coming from Bandra and Panvel. With an aim to establish seamless connections between Vashi-Belapur and Kalyan, this eight-kilometer-long corridor promises to enhance commuter experience significantly. By offering direct services, especially for commuters traveling between Kalyan and Navi Mumbai, the corridor aims to ease congestion at Thane station, where passengers currently need to switch trains.


Airoli Kalwa Elevated Corridor: Construction Details

The construction phase involves the creation of a suburban corridor linking Airoli and Kalwa. Featuring an elevated section after Digha Station, the corridor will traverse through Kalwa, accommodating direct trains from Vashi-Belapur to Kalyan. Elevated Kalwa station platforms, booking offices, foot underbridges, staircases, and related infrastructure are all part of the construction plan. The corridor will also boast a rail flyover with a ballastless track for enhanced efficiency, akin to the Wadala corridor setup.

Kalwa-Airoli Elevated Rail Corridor: Alignment and Connectivity

The alignment of the corridor is strategically planned to ensure seamless integration with existing rail lines. After the new Digha Gaon station, the line ascends to cross over existing mail/express lines near the Parsik tunnel. It then bypasses slum colonies, proposing a new elevated Kalwa station parallel to Shivaji Talao. Moving forward, it skirts existing slow and fast lines before turning towards the Kalwa car shed and ultimately landing amidst the existing up slow and down slow corridors. Platforms one and four at Navi Mumbai are primed for the seamless merger of trains from the Kalwa-Airoli corridor into the trans-harbour line.

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Status and Challenges

Despite its potential benefits, the progress of the corridor has been hindered by opposition from locals and elected representatives. However, some milestones have been achieved, including the completion of bridge works and girder installations. Challenges persist, such as protests from project-affected households at Bhola Nagar and Shivaji Nagar, delaying joint verifications.

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How It Will Help Decongesting Thane Station?

The Airoli-Kalwa railway line, estimated at ₹476 crore, holds promise in decongesting Thane Junction. By providing a direct link between Airoli and Kalwa, it aims to reduce the burden on Thane station significantly. Additionally, it will streamline travel for commuters from Navi Mumbai to Kalwa and beyond, thereby enhancing overall regional connectivity.

Kalwa Airoli Elevated Corridor Map


The Airoli Kalwa elevated train corridor emerges as a vital infrastructure project aimed at enhancing commuter connectivity and reducing congestion in the Mumbai metropolitan area. Despite challenges, its completion promises to revolutionize local transportation and improve the overall quality of urban life.

Panvel Karjat Rail Corridor

A new suburban railway line corridor is being built between Panvel and Karjat in addition to the existing line. The existing old line caters to goods and a few long-distance passenger trains. However, since the Navi Mumbai area, especially around Panvel, has witnessed significant urbanization and population growth in recent years and that the area between Panvel and Karjat is also developing very fast and there is increasing demand for extending the suburban train services to Karjat via Panvel. A dedicated EMU local train carshed for the new corridor is also coming up near Bhivpuri.

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